Porto, Portugal

All You Need to Know About Portugal

Working in Portugal

Portugal has pretty strict laws in terms of employee rights. It’s great to some extent but it also means that smaller companies, innovative and creative enterprises, etc. can’t hire employees much easily – they would need to pay them less in the beginning, in order to take their time to establish effective work routine and to make desired business deals.

Due to these laws, many young Portuguese citizens work only as self-employed even though they work full time for a company. As a foreigner, you may have difficulties getting a job in Portugal. Most foreigners who live in Portugal usually indulge in distant-working for one or more companies from their own countries, or other countries.
Although Once you work in a Portuguese company or institution, the whole atmosphere is quite nice. There is a lot of social life around work, and a lot of productive fun.

Social life in Portugal

Social life in Portugal is extremely awesome. Everything is relatively spontaneous, and there is no too much need to create strong connections with people compared to Nigeria this sometimes it’s difficult to know which of these relationships are real friendships or fake. Foreigners in Portugal may feel lonely when hard times come, especially if your own culture is more oriented on creating stronger relationships thus one won’t know who to ask for help.

Marrying a Portuguese?

Many foreign spouses in Portugal feel kind of isolated, mostly because they can’t fit into the Portuguese family culture. In Portuguese families, people talk loudly, with a lot of expressions. It can affect people who likes silence and calm conversations.

However, people who come from some sort of “colder” or “calmer” cultures find a perfect match for them in Portugal and are very happy with a Portuguese husband/wife and their families.

Climate & Security

Climate is very lovely, and so is the entire atmosphere. Palm trees, parks, lakes, beaches, fancy buildings.

It’s a wonderful dream & spending more time there is an absolute dream.

Portugal is relatively peaceful. There’s few street violence & low crime rate.

Food there is excellent.

The choice of great and cheap groceries to buy in supermarkets is beyond outstanding.

Public transportation is great.

In general, Portuguese people are passionate about their own culture.

The big problem with Portugal is employment other than that it’s glorious!

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