Living Abroad in Canada

12 Pros & Cons of Living Abroad

Life abroad in Asia, America or whatever continent has many ups and downs. Nothing has outweighed the positives.

If you have experienced visiting and living abroad, you will have more opportunities and room for growth as long as you don’t travel to a war torn country.

Moving out of your country can be the best decision you can ever make if you end up in a suitable environment.

Pros of living abroad

1. Personal growth
2. Better opportunities: Most individuals who live abroad have incredible stories to tell about all the things they’ve experienced.
3. A better understanding of the universe
4. A new set of challenges to look forward to and a better understanding of yourself and how you deal with those challenges.
5. You’ll be able to learn a second language if interested
6. Employers value and appreciate employees that have experience working abroad.
7. Financial benefits: one can save a lot of money living abroad.
8. The opportunity to travel to multiple countries.
9. You’ll experience and try new things that you never knew about while you were at home.
10. It’s fun & exciting.
11. You’ll meet lots of new people and make new friends from all around the world.
12. Freedom but don’t abuse it

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Cons of living abroad

1. You’ll definitely miss your family and friends if you don’t then you are probably heartless
2. Your family and friends will worry about you.
3. Culture shock can be relatively overwhelming at times.
4. Financial troubles: It’s expensive to move abroad and get yourself set
5. Regular activities like grocery shopping, banking, and going to the doctor can be extremely stressful.
6. Family reunions and holidays would get very expensive
7. The cost and amount of paperwork you need to fill out to work abroad legally is very frustrating.
8. You’ll miss some holiday season back home.
9. If you’re older, you might have a hard time getting back into a career in your home country.
10. Dealing with taxes in your home country.
11. Dealing with illness or intolerance to local foods abroad.
12. Not having access to foods or medicines that you’re familiar with in your home country.

Everyone experiences pros and cons living abroad, no matter what, however enjoy the ride!

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  • TPC
    January 18, 2021

    This is nice.
    Trust me the list is endless

    • webmaster
      January 18, 2021

      Yes, the list is endless.

      A lot of peoples will always choose the pros over the cons. The cons are not really a big deal.

  • Ruth edaf
    August 10, 2023

    Thanks 4 dis imformation.

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