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20 countries Nigerians can visit without visas plus 25 visa-on-arrival destinations

Are you thinking about going abroad? Although most countries worldwide do require Nigerians to get a visa before arrival, there are over 50 countries where you can enjoy hassle-free travel, fortunately.

Generally speaking, it’s easiest to travel in Africa where you can visit countries such as Madagascar, Namibia, and Ethiopia with a simple visa on arrival. However, if you are keen to explore a different continent, there are a few options available such as Bolivia in South America or Iran in the Middle East. What’s more, there are several islands in the Caribbean and South Pacific offering easy access to Nigerians too.

If you have a destination in mind for which you need to get a visa before you can travel, make sure you’re clued up on the conditions and requirements before you book your trip. You can use a global visa website to find out more about the specific visa policies for each country based on your nationality. In addition, these websites can help with getting e-visas (electronic visas) to many destinations worldwide.

In this article, we will give you an overview of which destinations you can travel to more freely, without needing to go through the process of getting an embassy visa before you take off. We have also included a few destination ideas to help you choose the best holiday for you!

Which Countries Can Nigerians Visit Visa-Free?

Nigerians can visit a total of 20 countries without needing any sort of visa. Travellers are generally granted 30 days’ entry, but in some countries, it can be more. For instance, if you travel to Benin, Chad, Gambia, Haiti, Saint Kitts and Nevis, or Senegal, you can stay for 90 days. Meanwhile, if you are travelling to Barbados or Dominica, you can stay for a massive 180 days.

Here is the list of visa-free destinations for Nigerian passport-holders:



Burkina Faso

Cape Verde


Cote d’Ivoire


The Gambia








Saint Kitts and Nevis


Sierra Leone



Although you won’t need any special documents to travel to these destinations, it’s important you check that your passport will be valid for the entire duration of your trip before you set off.

Where Can Nigerians Get a Visa on Arrival?

The next best thing after visa-free travel is the possibility to get a visa on arrival. This saves you the time otherwise spent at embassies and collecting endless documents needed to get a standard visa. Visas on arrival tend to be quick and easy, and are processed directly at your point of entry into the country. Nigerians can currently visit a total of 25 countries in this way, with the length of stay ranging from 14 to 90 days.

Here is the list of countries offering visas on arrival for Nigerians:






















South Sudan




If you are looking to make a longer trip, the following countries grant stays of up to 90 days: Bolivia, Ethiopia, Kenya, Namibia, Madagascar, Malawi, and Seychelles.


32 Ways to Legally Leave Nigeria (Non-Immigrant and Immigrant)

In most cases, to be granted a visa on arrival you will need to show a booking for transport leaving the country, so make sure you have this to hand when you travel. Moreover, you may have to provide other documents, so it’s a good idea to check the policies for your chosen destinations before you leave.

What Should You Do if You Need to Get a Visa for Your Holiday?

For countries requiring a pre-arranged embassy visa, the process to get the document can vary considerably. Each country will have its own rules, requirements and conditions, so the best thing to do is to check with the nearest embassy or consulate of the destination you wish to visit. They will be able to inform you in the following:

What documents and information do you need to provide?

How long it takes to process the visa?

For how many days?

How much does the visa costs?

It’s also important that your passport is valid beyond your return date. In addition, there is often a minimum number of months your passport needs to be valid for in order to be granted a visa, so make sure you check this carefully.

Travel Inspiration For Nigerians

Feel like you need a holiday abroad, but you’re still thinking about where to go? We have put together a few ideas based on destinations that are either visa-free or offer visas on arrival.


Discover Bolivia’s fascinating cultural heritage. With numerous indigenous cultures and rich history, there is so much to learn in this country!

Bolivia also boasts incredibly diverse landscapes, from tall peaks to the famous salt flats of Uyuni. Visit Coroico rainforest or Lake Titicaca, the highest lake in the world.


Known as a hiker’s paradise, Dominica is one of the most tropical of the Caribbean islands. Everywhere you go, you will be surrounded by lush vegetation and stunning scenery.

With tall peaks to climb, waterfalls to swim in, and snorkelling spots teeming with marine life, lovers of the outdoors won’t want to leave.


Ethiopia is home to very unique sights, both cultural and natural. These range from historical monuments to endemic wildlife such as the Ethiopian wolf, the Walia Ibex, and the famous Gelada Baboons.

Don’t miss the opportunity to marvel at the astonishing colours of the Danakil Depression, or be blown away by the spectacular views from the Simien Mountains, nicknamed the roof of Africa.


Is a relaxing beach holiday calling your name? The idyllic island of Samoa is waiting for you! Nestled in the heart of the South Pacific Ocean, a trip to Samoa promises white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters.

Samoans are known for being extremely friendly and laid back, so you can find out all about the local Polynesian culture while you enjoy the warm hospitality on the island.

We hope that this visa information makes planning your next international trip easier. Whether you visit Barbados, Cape Verde, Kenya, or any other country, have an excellent time!

This article was originally published on Premium Times, an online newspaper headquartered in Abuja.

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