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How to Legally Leave Nigeria as a Student

Are you looking for legal ways to leave Nigeria as a student? Are you looking for ways to apply for scholarships and internships abroad? If you are in this category, we assure you that you will find the options that works best for you in this article.

This article contains information that will enlighten you on verified and legal ways to leave Nigeria.

As a Nigerian student, scholarships and internships are not the only ways to leave Nigeria legally.

These are the various means to leave Nigeria as a student:

  1. Student visa for undergraduates. Some countries offer free/cheap education. Countries such as France, Germany, and Nordic countries. See herehere and here.
  2. Postgraduate masters (even if you have a 3rd class). The following European and Asian countries are good places to look for free/cheap education. You may also be required to learn a new language while or before you study. This is an advantage for you in life.
  3. Student Exchange programs on platforms like AIESEC allow you to connect with other students abroad as well as have exchange programs where you host them when they come to Nigeria, and you also have opportunities to spend time abroad working or volunteering.
  4. Vocational training for specialized skills. E.g. engineering, manufacturing, etc
  5. Apply for international internships (undergraduate and graduate), most foreign job boards have an internships section. See examples herehere and here.
  6. Academic scholarships are available for lots of countries you can search based on course, country, amount, etc. See some herehere and here.
  7. If you are exceptionally athletic or are good at sports played abroad, you can also apply for a sports scholarship. Here are some; Link 1link 2link 3.
  8. You can also take a “gap year” from school to go work for a year or so. Herehere,and here.
  9. Apply for social work or community scholarships such as these: See more here and here.
  10. Apply for an Arts scholarship as an international student. See more here and here.

You can also check out some of the scholarship opportunities on our website here.

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