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AAI Salzburg Scholarship Programme for Study in Austria

Deadline: 31st July, 2021

The Afro-Asiatisches Institut (AAI) in Salzburg, Austria is granting scholarships to students from developing countries.

Afro-Asiatisches Institut Salzburg (AAI) is a non-profit organization which operates on the development policy area. Since the founding of the AAI (1988), intercultural and interfaith dialogue have been a priority.

Eligibility and Conditions

This is the eligibility criteria and also the conditions you must meet to get the scholarship:

  • nationality of a non-European developing country (country list)
  • admission to a Master or PhD programme at a university or university of applied sciences in Salzburg or Tyrol (Uni Salzburg, Uni Innsbruck, FH Salzburg, MCI, FH Kufstein)
  • for PhD students: approved disposition
  • age limit: Master studies max. 30 years (mothers: 35 years), PhD studies max. 35 years (mothers: 40 years) at the time of application
  • residence permit “student”
  • application deadline: 31. July 2021

You are not eligible for the AAI Salzburg Scholarship if:

  • studies at private universities
  • postgraduate study programmes (“Lehrgänge”, e.g. “Universitätslehrgang” or “Fachhochschullehrgang”) or other non-degree certificate programmes
  • blended learning/distance learning study courses without compulsory attendance in Austria
  • applicants  with a residence title other than “student”
  • non-degree programme students („außerordentliche Studierende“)
  • short term visits and also exchange programmes

A special case are Joint Master Programmes. Depending on different parameter some are eligible, while others are not. Please contact us beforehand to assess whether your programme is eligible.

Requirements for a Successful Application

Financial need

We consider own income, savings, other means of support, profession and income of parents in order to select students who would hardly be able to successfully finish their studies without financial support.

Evidence of good progress in studies

Good study progress documented by transcript of records of current and past studies. In programmes without entry exams, students who have already completed at least one semester at an Austrian university have a distinctive advantage.

Interest in development and according specialisation in studies

Prospective awardees are to show a strong interest in development issues, which is to reflect in the choice of study fields, prior work experience and also voluntary activities etc.

Possible fields of specialisation are poverty reduction, social justice, global migrations, gender equality and also climate change; sustainable use of resources, food security, renewable energies, environmental protection, sustainable tourism, urbanisation, health and also human rights. And also democratisation, good governance, fighting corruption, conflict prevention and resolution, international relations and intercultural dialogue. This list should provide applicants with an idea of relevant topics, it is, however, not exclusive.

The scholarship will contribute to exercise the right to education for those critical and also intellectual young people who encounter poor conditions in their home countries. These aspects still apply more strongly to women. Regarding applications from equally qualified individuals, priority is given to female students.

Application Process

  • Please send your complete application documents to office@aai-salzburg.at by E-Mail or by using a free data transfer (wetransfer)
  • After your application has been reviewed, you will be invited for an online-interview
  • The decision is taken by the scholarship committee in mid August. You will be informed about the decision shortly after.

How to Apply

Application form Master students (download)

Application form PhD students (download)

You can also visit the AAI Salzburg Webpage for more information.

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