Skyline of Doha, Qatar

What living in Qatar looks like

Qatar is unique!

Qatar has one of the highest standard of living, compared to most GCC countries. But you have to negotiate your package right!

(1) Ethnicity/Nationality

It depends a lot on which country you are coming from. If you are coming from American/European Countries there are excellent chances that you will live a great life with high perks and facilities. However, people coming from other Arabic Countries like Egypt, Lebanon and few more get decent salaries.

People Coming from Countries like India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and some African Countries and some South-Asian Countries like Philippines might have smaller salaries with less facilities.

(2) Family

If you are coming Single there are probabilities you won’t be allowed at some places like some malls on Weekends.

Qatar have separate seating arrangements for the Single expats during some government functions like Qatar National Day Parade.

So living with Family is better than living alone in Qatar.

(3) Jobs

Most times working with Indian Owned Companies is the worst experience one can have. European and Qatari owned Companies are best in terms of Salary, Facilities and other benefits.



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(4) Food & Drinks

Different type of Food are available in Qatar; in medium range – some not so cheap but on a balacne are not so expensive. Being a Vegetarian might leave less options for you but overall its good. Liquor is available in the Country except that you need to be a Non-Muslim. You also need a written permission from your employer to purchase liquor for yourself.

(5) Nightlife in Qatar

There are Few Disc and Bars in Doha compared to Dubai or other western Metropolitan cities.

(6) Religion

Qatar is not like its Neighborhood Countries like Kuwait.

If you are Muslim its better.

If you are not then its also cool there however being a muslim one can have more advantages when it comes to prayer and in Ramadan.

(7) Weather

Qatar is Surrounded by 70-80% sea so Humidity level is beyond tolerance. It is better to stay indoors as all the places is Air Conditioned. It has better climate good climate from the month of November to February. In Summer Temperature reach 45-48 degree celsius or may be more with 70%+ Humidity.

(8) Locals

Qataris are nice people.

You will not find them roaming around in the daytime, They prefer to live in their space and don’t bother anyone intentionally.

Overall: Qatar is Good & Beautiful

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