Government of Ireland – International Education Scholarships 2022 (PHOTO CREDIT:

Government of Ireland – International Education Scholarships 2022

Deadline: 25th March, 2022

The Higher Education Authority (HEA) of the Government of Ireland is receiving application for the International Education Scholarships Programme, 2022.

Under the initiative 60 scholarships will be provided for one year study at Bachelor, Masters or PhD levels to successful candidates who have an offer of a place at an eligible Irish higher education institution.

The offer is open to students from non-EU/EEA countries and is also applicable to all fields of study.

Students who are successful will receive:

  • A €10,000 stipend for one year’s study
  • A full fee waiver of all tuition and other registration costs at the higher education institution

Benefits for students

Scholarships will be highly desirable and also of utmost value- adding to individuals’ subsequent lives and careers. In view of this, the GOI-IES will be awarded:

  • to high calibre higher education students from non-EU/EEA countries;
  • to study in Ireland for a period of one year

Benefits for Higher Education sector

GOI-IES will reflect Ireland’s commitment to excellence in the provision of higher education for both domestic and international students:

  • for scholarships that will highlight Ireland’s strengths as a centre of international education;
  • to promote links with target markets globally;
  • to strengthen the internationalisation strategies of HEIs especially in the context of the system performance

Government of Ireland International Education Scholarships will award high calibre students from non-EU/EEA countries to study full-time in Ireland for a period of one year. The following are the terms and conditions that will apply:

The HEA will award a scholarship fund to the student (through the HEI that the student is attending) amounting to €10,000 for one study year. This fund is directed at covering student costs and also living expenses.

The scholarship may be for:

  • the final year of an undergraduate programme;
  • one year of a taught master’s degree programme or;
  • one year of a research programme (e.g. one year of a 2-year research masters or a 3-4-year PhD programme).


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Other Application Guidelines

  • The scholarship will transfer the stipend to the host higher education institution (HEI) of the successful student in one payment of €10,000. The HEI will then put in place a system to transfer the funds to the scholarship awardee.
  • It will require the HEI to give a FULL fee waiver to the student for the scholarship year (i.e. a waiver of the tuition fee and registration charge). This is the minimum matching funding requirement that institutions will require to make to the scholarship
  • It is expected that a total of 60 scholarships will be funded by the Government of Ireland International Education Scholarships for the academic year 2022/2023.
  • Applicants must have a domiciliary of origin1 not equal to the EU/EEA, United Kingdom or Switzerland.

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For more information on the International Education Scholarships, you can also visit the webpage here.


  • James
    March 11, 2022

    What happens if I have already paid my fees then get awarded this scholarship?

  • James
    March 11, 2022

    What happens if I have already paid my fees then get awarded this scholarship?

    • webmaster
      April 22, 2022

      Hello James, sorry we were just seeing this. The university will refund your money. Some of these scholarships are better applying for them before paying your tuition. We hope this helps.

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