Federal Government Scholarship Awards, Bilateral Education Agreement (BEA) Scholarship Awards

Bilateral Education Agreement (BEA) Scholarships for Nigerians

Deadline: 31st January, 2022

Nigeria’s Ministry of Education is inviting qualified Nigerians to apply for Federal Government Scholarship Awards 2022/2023. This is through the Bilateral Education Agreement (BEA) with the following countries; Russia, Morocco, Hungary and Egypt for Undergraduate Studies and Hungary, Serbia, Romania for Postgraduate Studies.

Eligibility Criteria


All applicants for undergraduate degree courses must possess a minimum qualification of Seven (7) Distinctions (As & Bs).

This must be obtained in the Senior Secondary School Certificates, WASSCE/WAEC (May/June). The distinctions must also be in the subjects relevant to their fields of study including English Language and Mathematics. Certificates should not be more than two (2) years old (2020 & 2021) for Non-African Countries and for African countries the age of certificate is one year (2021) only. Age limit is from 17 to 20 years.


All applicants for Postgraduate degree courses must hold a  First Degree with 1st Class or at least 2nd Class Upper Division. 

All applicants must have completed N.Y.S.C. Programme and the age limit is 35 years for Masters and 40 years for Ph.D. 

  1. i) Y.S.C discharge or exemption certificates only are  accepted; and
  2. ii)  Evidence of readiness to get permission by an employer to go for the course.

Fields of Study

a. Undergraduate level – Engineering, Geology, Agriculture, Sciences, Mathematics, Environmental Sciences, Sports, Law, Social Sciences, Biotechnology, Architecture, Medicine (very limited), Pilot Engineering, Neurologist.

b. Postgraduate level (Masters Degree and PhD) in all fields.

General Note for Applicants

  1. Since the Bilateral Education Agreement (BEA) countries are non-English speaking; Applicants should also prepare to undertake a mandatory one-year foreign Language course of the Country of choice which will be the standard medium of instruction;
  2. All applicants for Hungarian Scholarship can apply for up to two fields of study in order of preference. You can apply here. The application started on 18th November 2021 to close 15th January, 2022. Complete the application form online.
  3. All applicants for Russian Postgraduate Scholarship must have acquired their 1st   Degree in Russia;
  4. All Applicants to upload the following certificates online
  • POSTGRADUATE (PG): 1st Degree Certificate, Masters Degree  WAEC/WASSCE, Indigene letter & NYSC discharge Certificate.

NB:  Candidates will require to submit to Federal  Scholarship Board the following upon nomination:

  1. Authenticated copies of academic certificates;
  2. Data page of the current International passport;
  3. Specified Medical Reports from Government hospitals;
  4. Birth Certificate & Indigene letter
  5. Police Clearance Certificate where necessary.

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For More Information, you can also visit the webpage for the BEA Scholarships Here.

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