Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) Australia Scholarships (Photo Credit: CMU website)

Carnegie Mellon University Australia Scholarships for International Students

Deadline: 30th April, 2021

Apply for the Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) Australia scholarships award for eligible students from Asia, Latin America and Africa. The Carnegie Mellon University Australia master programs starts in August 2021.

Scholarship value

The value of the CMU Australia Scholarships for International Students is AUD $30,000 for the duration of 21-month masters degrees, and also AUD $20,000 for the duration of 12-month masters degrees.

Scholarships Offer

Young Asian Leaders Scholarship (YALS)

The scholarship will enable Asian students to lead and contribute to the development of their countries and the Asian region after their studies.

Latin American Leaders for Change Scholarship (LALCS)

The scholarship will support Latin American students to become leaders to catalyse positive change in their respective countries.

Future Innovator Scholarship for Africa (FISA)

With this scholarship, ambitious African students will also become leaders in innovation in the African region.

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Eligibility Criteria

Students who are eligible for the scholarships need to meet below criteria:

  • Be a citizen of a country in Asia, Latin America or Africa
  • You must also meet the admission requirements for a CMU Australia full-time master coursework degree, 12 month or 21 month tracks
  • Gained acceptance for any CMU Australia master coursework degree commencing in August 2021
  • Accept CMU Australia’s offer letter and pay the deposit by required deadline

Other conditions

  • Students who are citizens or hold permanent residency of Australia or New Zealand are not eligible
  • This scholarship will also not be applicable for students who defer the commencement
  • This scholarship is not applicable in conjunction with any another CMU Australia scholarships or other government scholarships including but not limited to Endeavour and Australian Awards scholarships
  • Students need to maintain their enrolment during their course in full-time study and meet CMU Australia’s academic progression policy
  • If a student withdraws from the master program before completion, they will be requiring the student to repay the value of scholarship awarded

How to Apply

If you’re a resident from a country belonging to Asia, Latin America, or Africa, you will be automatically assessed for the scholarship when you apply for a master’s program to study at CMU. Upon being accepted to study at CMU Australia, you will also be contacted about your scholarship eligibility.

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For More Information, visit CMU.

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