2024 Ford Summer Internship Program

2024 Ford Summer Internship Program in the US

Ford offers a 2024 Summer Internship Program. It gives students hands-on, career-specific experience. The program lasts 10 to 12 weeks of full-time work during summer break. Ideal candidates are typically juniors in undergraduate programs. Students in their first year of a master’s program also qualify. They should expect to graduate the following year.

The 2024 Ford Summer Internship Program provides hands-on, career-focused experience. Students work full-time for 10 to 12 weeks over summer break. Juniors in undergraduate programs are eligible. First-year master’s students qualify too. They must plan to graduate next year.

Benefits of the Ford Summer Internship Program

The Ford Summer Internship Program provides students with hands-on, career-specific experience during summer break.


Interns are compensated at a competitive rate for their full-time work.

Start Date

We’ll work with you to select a mutually agreeable start date.


During the first week, students report for a new hire welcome/orientation program. Here, they complete the necessary paperwork to begin their internship and learn more about policy and programs and Ford’s intern program.

Professional Development

Ford offers students hands-on, career-specific experience through full-time work. Additionally, it’s a great platform to connect with leaders. Moreover, students collaborate with professionals across many business areas. Consequently, they learn about Ford’s College Graduate opportunities for those nearing graduation. Throughout the internship, numerous chances arise. For instance, students gain insight into our business. Furthermore, they get exposure that lasts a lifetime.

Social Events

Networking opportunities provide the key to a successful experience. Ford work hard to create opportunities where interns can network with each other and other employees, including members of the executive leadership team.

Final Presentation

Students work very hard at completing their work and are generally proud of their accomplishments. This requires a final presentations at the end of each internship to allow students an opportunity to demonstrate their achievements.

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Post-Program Placement

Interns who prove themselves as exceptional may be invited back as interns the next year or offered full-time employment into our Ford College Graduate Program or other developmental programs.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Ford selects individuals with top academic standing for summer internships.
  • They must have exceptional leadership, communication, and self-motivation skills.
  • They should also show passion for technology and the automotive industry.
  • Ford selects summer interns from schools across the United States. The selection emphasizes geographic, cultural, and ethnic diversity.

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