The Global Good Fund Fellowship (Photo Credit: Youth Hop)

The Global Good Fund Fellowship 2023

Deadline: 1st July 2022

The Global Good Fund is accepting applications for the 2023 Fellowship for only two more weeks.

This fellowship is for social entrepreneurs who are working to create social impact within their communities. The social entrepreneurs must be ready to scale their leadership to further their business.

The Global Good Fund is a nonprofit social enterprise for entrepreneurs, organizations and philanthropists. The Global Good Fund also believes that investing in people is the most effective way to create positive business impact and lasting social change.

The Fund does this through its Flagship Fellowship and Consulting Services. They also cultivate leaders to speed up profit and purpose within organizations and around the world.

Eligibility Criteria for The Global Good Fund Fellowship

  • The enterprise that the candidate leads is at least two years old;
  • The enterprise must have at least one full-time employee besides the candidate;
  • The applicant commits to full-time running of their enterprise.
  • Applicants should not also be currently receiving formal coaching/mentoring support; if they are applying for other fellowships within the 2022 fellowship cycle, make sure you show it within your application.
  • The applicant has to be in a position where they have decision-making power.
  • The applicant is preferably under the age of 40 and, if not, can demonstrate coachability and openness to learning.


University of Pretoria MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program 2023

Organization requirements for The Global Good Fund Fellowship

  • An organization can be a for-profit, non-profit or hybrid.
  • An organization can be international, domestic (US-based), or both.
  • The organization’s core mission must relate also to social impact.
  • The Global Good Fund Fellowship is primarily focusing on selecting enterprises in the following sectors: Financial Technology, Environment, Education, Economic Mobility, and Health; however, we will consider applicants who fall outside of these areas.
  • The organization has a set and sound business model with the ability to scale in the long term.

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For more details on the Global Good Fund Fellowship, you can also visit the webpage here.

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