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9 Things You Must Know Before You Leave Nigeria for Canada

Lots of Nigerians desire to leave Nigeria for Canada. But Canadians have a favourite story about foreigners who just don’t understand how the nation really is. Some Nigerians especially struggle with this, because not all foreign countries are paradise.

1. Canada is very cold!!

One can’t believe how cold till you actually live through the winters there, Nothing on earth can prepare you for the long, dull and brutally cold winter…and it’s not just the winters. Spring is cold, fall is cold, but the summers are super short and really hot.

2. The sky is so blue!!!

Clear beautiful skies with no trace of pollution. It rains in summer, and only in summer. That’s really surprising when coming from a tropical country like Nigeria.

3. Healthcare, public schools and public libraries are free.

Of course, nothing is really free, you do have to pay taxes for all that, but it’s good to know that you don’t have to spend extra on your health or basic education.

4. The government really takes care of you

Universal child care benefits, and everything else in between to help you through difficult times.

5. One can become a Canadian citizen within 4 years of settling in Canada. That’s great!

6. The election campaigns are usually clean and simple, which is really nice.

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7. It is a bilingual country- not many people speak French, but everything is labeled in English and French.

8. Québec is a predominantly French-speaking province in eastern Canada with 2 vibrant cities in its south. Quebec really doesn’t want to separate they just want to be in charge and make everyone speak french too. No one wants to learn french unless they live in Quebec. You will find this unbelievable because all automated telephone services are in both french and English & they’re fine with that as long as their is 1) english or 2) French options. But if you don’t speak one of those 2 languages, there is no automated option for you, sorry.

9. Beavers, black bears, coyotes and other animals come into the city suburbs some times. They have lots of rabbits, squirrels, and racoons living among them in the cities, cats and dogs are in the majority of households. Canada is a wildlife sanctuary really, sort of but it’s not a petting zoo, beware. If you’re afraid of animals, you’ll hate it, if you love animals you’ll really like it. Most of them like it, some don’t.

Have fun visiting Canada!

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