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Heinrich Böll Foundation Scholarship 2024-25 in Germany

The Heinrich Böll Foundation Scholarship offers international students an opportunity to study for free in German universities. This year, the Heinrich Foundation has awarded 1,000 scholarships. The scholarships are funded by the DAAD and the Heinrich Böll Foundation. It is one of the most sought-after and esteemed German scholarship awards available.

Open to applicants worldwide, the Heinrich Böll Foundation Scholarship in Germany 2024-25 waives application fees. It welcomes students from any German university and any subject area to apply. Candidates must demonstrate exceptional academic performance. They must also demonstrate active involvement in their communities. Moreover, they must align with the foundation’s core values. The core values include sustainability, ecology, democracy, human rights, self-determination, and justice.

Aligned with regulations from the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and its foreign office, the Heinrich Böll Foundation Scholarship in Europe is granted for the entire duration of the recipient’s study. It supports outstanding students from Germany and beyond. The scholarship supports students irrespective of their academic discipline or educational institution. However, they must exhibit dedication to both their academic and professional paths. Additionally, applicants must showcase a commitment to green policy values.

Heinrich Böll Foundation Scholarship Summary

  • Scholarship Host Country: Germany
  • Sponsor Organization: DAAD & Heinrich Böll Foundation
  • Offered Programs: Masters & Doctoral Degree
  • Scholarships: 1,650
  • Eligibility: Domestic & International students

Scholarship Types

Heinrich Böll Foundation Germany is offering two types of Scholarships.

  1. Study Scholarship (Undergraduate, Masters)
  2. Promotion Scholarship (Doctoral)

Benefits of Heinrich Böll Foundation Scholarships 2024-25 in Germany:

Masters Studies

The monthly allowance for non-EU students is €934 per month. Non-EU students also receive various other allowances. In some cases, non-EU students may need to pay tuition fees in Germany.

For EU students, the amount varies. EU students can receive a maximum of €812 per month. EU students also receive €300 for book money. Tuition fees are not possible in Germany for EU students. However, EU students may need to pay tuition fees to a limited extent in other countries.

This scholarship covers the regular study period, which may be extended by one semester.

Ph.D. Studies

Students from outside the EU are entitled to a monthly allowance of €1,200. They also get a €100 mobility allowance. They receive various extra allowances too. Tuition fees are not possible for non-EU students.

Students from the European Union get €1350 per month stipend. They also get €100 per month allowance for research costs. There are no tuition fees in Germany for EU students. However, limited fees are possible elsewhere for EU students.


Malta Government Endeavour Scholarship 2024

The scholarship is normally awarded for two years, but can be extended twice by half a year at most.

Required Documents

  • Complete Application Form.
  • Student enrolment certificate.
  • College or university lecturer Reference letter
  • University Entrance Qualification or Equivalent.
  • International Students to apply for a Master’s program have to submit: a certified copy of your first-degree certificate.
  • List of academic certificates if you have already initiated your studies.
  • German language proficiency. Not less than DSH 2 or Level B2.

Application Requirements for Heinrich Böll Foundation Scholarship

  • Excellent School grades and academic record.
  • Record of the Required level of German language (B2 oder DSH)
  • Social Engagement
  • Connecting with the goals of the Foundation
  • Responsible, motivated, reliable individuals willing to play an active role in the Foundation’s work


The deadline to apply for the Heinrich böll Foundation Scholarship for international students in Germany is September 01, 2024.

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