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AFRIKA KOMMT! Fellowship Programme for Future Leaders from Africa

Deadline: 2nd April, 2021

Apply for the AFRIKA KOMMT! Fellowship Programme for future leaders from Africa. AFRIKA KOMMT! is a flagship initiative of German industry for young, future leaders from Africa.

AFRIKA KOMMT! is a fellowship programme that connects visionary African professionals and leading German companies. Together they pave the way for global inclusive business and mutually beneficial cooperation.

The programme provides an unparalleled opportunity to young, talented African professionals for a one year career and life transformational experience.

The African fellows dive deep into the German corporate specifics, German business spirit and the German culture. AFRIKA KOMMT empowers the fellows with international experience, technical skills and German language so they become African change agents. This will improve German business relations with Africa as well as for economic and social growth in the fellows’ home countries and communities.

The programme entails selection of top tier professionals from all African countries – including North Africa – and facilitating a one year personal and professional transformational journey in Germany. This encompasses German language lessons, international management trainings, study tours and peaks in an 8-month practical training at the host company.

What the Programme entails

At the core of the AFRIKA KOMMT! programme is a one-year stay for the African professionals in Germany. During this time, the fellows actively work in their partner companies where they are trained and mentored. Other components organized by GIZ such as language courses, trainings and networking events supplement the learning experience.

  • Professional and tailor-made selection process: The fellows of the programme are chosen in a comprehensive selection process that is implemented in close cooperation with the participating companies.
  • Language and cultural integration for fellows: The programme begins with German language and cultural integration courses to prepare the fellows for their stay in Germany. The fellows also get an opportunity to visit cultural heritage sites within Germany.
  • Management training for fellows: The fellows undergo three modules of intense management training where they advance their knowledge of modern global management practices.
  • Professional fellowship in partner company: The young experts spend eight months with their partner companies and are engaged in projects and meaningful work experience.
  • AFRIKA KOMMT! Network: The partner companies and the African professionals come together at various networking events, share expertise and drive common projects.
  • Alumni phase: After their one-year stay in Germany, the fellows become knowledge and skill transfer ambassadors as alumni in their home countries. A one-week refresher course in Germany or in Africa advances the skill set of the alumni and fosters continued strengthening of the AFRIKA KOMMT! network.

As a fellow of AFRIKA KOMMT! you will:

  • Refine your leadership and management competence
  • Access networks and opportunities for career acceleration
  • Improve your intercultural competence
  • Broaden your perspective and stir up innovation
  • Achieve personal growth

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  • Be a Citizen of any African country
  • Have a University degree in a relevant subject
  • A postgraduate degree is an advantage
  • Have two to five years work experience
  • Have excellent English language skills
  • Also, having basic knowledge of the German language is an advantage
  • Not be older than 35 years at the time of application

Further Selection Criteria

In addition to the above technical and educational requirements, you should also have the following skills and attributes:

Language and communication skills

  • Strong oral and written communication skills
  • High willingness to learn German

Professional skills

  • High leadership potential
  • Strong self-motivation and self-starter mentality
  • High level of dedication, commitment and target-orientation
  • Strong capacity for teamwork

Personal attributes

  • High level of enthusiasm, flexibility and resilience
  • Open mindset
  • Outstanding intercultural competencies
  • Ability to adapt to new environments quickly
  • Ability to reflect own behaviour and bias

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For more information on the AFRIKA KOMMT! Fellowship programme, please visit the official webpage here.

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